Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Big Step to Move to Our Dream

All the while, pursuing my doctorate level is my dream and now I have the chance to achieve it in KOREA in 7 years (2 years Master's Degree and 5 years Ph.D). That's long !!! I can tell you this is not that easy to make this kind of decision because of my commitments that I have now. Marriage, family, career and housing loan... Wow... Of course! I'm not regret and happy what i have now.

For the past 6 months, I have intensively discussed with my family and especially my wife, Shien. This is very difficult for her to make the decision. I know one side of her don't want to let me go but the other side she wants me to achieve my dream some more our wedding ceremony is closed to June (at Alor Star) and October (at KL). However, she still support me and wants me to go. I feel grateful to have her as my wife and life partner. I really appreciate what she has sacrificed for me.

I really appreciate my wife, her family and my family of their patience and consideration and make my wedding in different month June and October. In the beginning, we plan to have our wedding ceremony and dinner in KL on 18th October and the following week have wedding dinner in Alor Star. But, I can't get two weeks long holidays if I go to KOREA for my study in October. Thus, I have to change my wedding dinner's date for Alor Star to 7th June. I hope my explanation here is clear to my dear friends who are curious that I hold my wedding dinner on two different months.

Last week, I finally decided to tender my resignation and my last day is 8th July 2008 (which is 7 years service in KBU). In the same week, I also submitted my application to the University and now just wait for the reply. By hope, I can receive the confirmation from the University by this end of June. Worrying is there because I haven't get the confirmation from the University and then I tendered my resignation although the Professor confirmed to accept me under his supervision. So, pray for me :)

I think all of you will doubt what am I going to do if i don't accepted by the University. I tell ... I also don't know what to do and the only thing that I know is I'm JOBLESS!!! :)

I hope I successfully accepted by the University and continue pursuing my study and achieve my dream to get a better life for whoever that I love, especially my wife SHIEN.

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Josaiya =þ said...

SIR!!! Hi there! Shocked to see me here ma? Lolz....Sir going do Ph.D dy....Geng!!!

Sir, all the best to your work life, your financial life, love life, health life, food life, study life, family life, and EVERY LIFE.

Well, sir u left me shocked with the fact that you're leaving. And leaving KBU. I dono why but you give me a big impact in my college life. Just wanna express my gratitude to you sir.

In the entire college life, many lecturers kinda 'dislike' me because i sleep in class, talk alot and pay little attention. And at times when i consult them, i'm often rejected. But sir u're way different. U're the 1st lecturer who i know ever since i stepped into the college, and also the 1st lecturer who ever taught me since college. And u're the only lecturer who is ever-willing to lend me a hand esp when i'm in need.

I remember the naggings a.k.a the talks you give when we at that time, were in FEST 1. Though it may seem very boring and very sien listening to it, but yes it did do us some good in some ways.

Well sir, on behalf of FEST 1 2006, i just wanna say thanks for all the teaching and the scoldings as well that u've given to us. We've learned alot from you. And to me, honestly, u're a GrEaT lecturer. Not bootlicking, but stating the fact.

I dono how to end, coz i think i'm starting to be like a granny talking so much. But to conclude this, just wish you GAMBATEH in life, and if possible, when free, we go yamcha. =D

Thanks for everything.

Josiah Wu