Monday, May 5, 2008

Fat ... Fat...

Fat is not only obsessed by women but also men especially like me, Andy Chong :) This is not because i want to be more handsome but I want to look good and comfortable with the cloth that i wear on it. By the way, let you know I used to be have six packs but now sighs..... hehehehe

For the past two years, we obsessed about our body weight where keep increasing. My weight is about 80 kg and my wife is ... (secret) hahaha.... Thus, we decided to join Celebrity Fitness at One Utama Shopping Center to do some workout and registered on 15th April 2007. The first 6 months, we were quite "Semangat" and almost everyday went to do workout after worked. I think this is because we had planned next year to shoot wedding photos and get married by this year.

After the hard work for 6 months, we managed to reduced our weight around 3 to 5 kg. Due to the lacking of preservation and the work pressure, we were getting lazy and only went for workout once or twice a week. Eventually, we are totally stop going for gym and cause our body weight increase again.

Recently, we came across a program so called - weight management (Weight management is defined as maintaining body weight at a desirable level) and went for the short seminar to get more details. In this program, their concept of weight management is talking about how we can loss, gain, and maintain our body weight at a desirable level by intaking their formulate powder with high protein (especially from soy) and well balance nutrition.

We are quite tempted on this method and had joined this program last two days ago. I will post to my blog once I get to know more details and the results on this weight management program. Don't worry... The program is well known in 65 countries and a lots of testimonials have shown the results. So, I will keep you all update about his program and the results. Who knows, if really good, then you may think of trying this weight management.


Lance said...

Let me guess.. Herbal Life (products) related? They advertise opposite my house and in Asia Jaya. XD

Andy said...

hahaha.... What a good guess! Bingo!!! Ya, I'm trying Herbal Life now.