Friday, May 2, 2008

How much the life means to you!!!

Have you ever think what is the meaning of Life? and what kind of Life do you want to be?

For him - William Shakespeare, he defines "Life is a stage and we are the actors, waiting for our entrances and exits." He possibly recognizes that Life is a story and we has to define our role as we act in the ongoing play. Thus, Our Life is Our Story that waiting to be written with words in series of chapters in a book. How interesting is the book then depends on us to define or create it.

Life is like riding on a roller coaster. Once a start button is pressed, then, it will not stop until it arrives at the end point. Same as us, once we born in this world, our life is not going to stop and there will be a lots of challenges waiting for us to face. Throughout the route, matters that we face may lead us into a situation that make our life at the peak, downhill, or slow progression. And, the most hardest thing is to make a decision; whereby the decision may change our life that totally different from the typical life. This is because we are too comfortable with present life and scared to face unexpected consequences that will cause the life more worst as compare to before. We are too reluctant to face culture shock.

There is nothing cannot be solved, just either you want it or not and also is a matter of time. We have to be more positive thinking as said by Zig Ziglar, "Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will." If we never try then we never know and "You will never achieve what you never begin" by Andre Gide. Thus, let start make up our mind and define the role that we want to play in our life. Remember

"You create your future life and not your future life create you"
by Andy Chong

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