Thursday, May 8, 2008

How much you know about body wellness...

Last night, we went for the 2nd meeting at MPL building which is next to Weld Shopping center. In this meeting, we had to measure our weight by using costly weight that only can get in fitness equipments shop. You know what... my weight is 79.5 kg (am i look that heavy? heheheh....).

The costly weight is really not same as a cheap weight machine that we can get from any shopping center (so far what i seen). That weight provides us not only our weight information, but also provide information on body fat range, percentage body water range, muscle mass, physique ratings, basal metabolic rate (BMR), basal metabolic age, bone mass and visceral fat. All these have their own standard index and rating, and to have a wellness body then we must try to keep our body in certain values of the standard index and rating. So, I'm personally think this is the way how we manage our body weight - weight management.

Once our height and age was keying into the machine, all these parameters showed up and following is my rating:

  1. Weight: 79.5 kg
  2. Body Fat Range: 24.9
  3. Body Water Range: 55%
  4. Muscle Mass: 56.5
  5. Physique Ratings: 3
  6. BMR: 1692 cal.
  7. Basal Metabolic Age: 40
  8. Bone Mass: 3.1
  9. Visceral Fat: 12
As we know, excessive carbohydrate contains in our body will cause us to get fat easily and automatically our weight also increase. Thus, the way to reduce is either we control our food intake which low carbohydrate or burn the extra calories by doing exercise. For the effectiveness of reducing our body weight, we have to know these points 2 to 9 parameters as shown above, and manage them until theirs values in the range where the body is considered well.

In my case, I have to reduce the body fat range, visceral fat and increase my body water range. Besides that, the total food's calories that I can intake, have to reduce until below 1692 calories. I will discuss further on how can I reduce my total calories intake and also the meaning of these parameters in my next post.

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