Saturday, May 10, 2008

Powerful Word "Believe"

I think you will wonder why I say this word so powerful. I'm not sure you have the impression that this word has been used not only in our normal conversation, but it has been used in religions, law of attraction, neural-linguistic programming (NLP), subconscious mind, other self-help books and etc.

In the religions, majority of prayers have the mindset that when they pray to god with sincere heart, and eventually, the god will answer them if they have doubts, questions and problems. Thus, I would like to put in such a way that mindset is actually our belief on the god who will answer us. I personally think that everyone did face a situation that the god really answers them as after they pray to the god and it also happened to me.

I have read few books like Introducing NLP by J. O'Connor & J. Seymour, The Secret by R. Byme, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by J. Murphy, and Create Your Own Future by Brian Tracy, and found out that all these books do use this powerful word "belief". I would like to share with you as how these books used it.

In Introducing NLP, they state beliefs influence human behavior or can be about what causes what (cause and effect). This is mean, when we do certain thing that matters to us with passion and eventually it will answer us on our belief. The book give us guideline to modeling our beliefs by asking ourself with good questions like:

  1. Why do you do what you do?
  2. What does that mean to you?
  3. What would happen if you didn't do that?
  4. What is that like? What do you compare it to?
  5. What is empowering to you about this?

The law of belief has been introduced by J. Murphy in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. He said the law of life is belief and belief is a thought in your mind that causes the power of your subconscious to be distributed into all phases of your life according to your thinking habits. Or simply, the belief of your mind is simply the thought your mind.

Believe has been used in one of the step in Create Process in this book The Secret. It defines believing involves acting, speaking, and thinking as though you have already received what you've asked for.

Brian Tracy also introduces Law of Belief and states that whatever you believe with conviction becomes your reality. "If you absolutely believe that you are destined to be a great success in life, you will think and behave accordingly, and you will make it come true."

As you can see the words or phrases that i highlighted have the same common meaning from above examples. From all these, I would like to conclude that

"Dream will come true if we know what is the thing that matters to us and start to think, behave and act accordingly with passion and sincere heart to what you believe." by Andy Chong

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