Saturday, July 12, 2008

Self Introduction

In the recent week, I just wrote a short page of self introduction for my scholarship application and edited by Dr. Cabokia. I would like to share with you and let you know me a bit more.... :)

My name is Chong See Yenn and I am from Kedah in the northwest corner of peninsular Malaysia. I grew up in medium-sized family with 3 siblings and I am the youngest one. In my early age, my siblings were the one responsible to take care of me and this is because our parents were busy with their work to earn a living to support our living expenses. With this, our relationship is very close to each other. We had learnt to be independent where we did everything by ourselves without letting our parents worried. We were also very close to neighbors’ children and we always played together. I just got married with my wife who is really considerate and kind. I really feel grateful to have my family and my wife. They are very supportive on my decision of doing my further study in Korea although I have to leave them for about 2 years or more.

I took a total 16 years to complete my education from primary school to degree level. I spent the past 12 years in my primary and secondary school’s education. Then, I continued my two years certificate course in Electronic Engineering. I transferred to Year 2 of the BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) Higher National Diploma (HND) in Electrical and Electronic after the completion of my certificate. Then, I stopped for about a year to work instead of continuing to final year degree due to financial problem. However, I resumed my studies into the final year degree of the BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic after one year working. The HND and Degree courses were conducted in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University (NTU), UK via KBU International College (formerly known as Kolej Bandar Utama) in Malaysia.

During my studies, I was actively involved in co-curriculum especially in sports. I held captain post in school’s volleyball team and state’s swimming team. In additional, I was also a chairman of the swimming club, assistance Head Prefect of school’s resource center, athletic director of LEO club and secretary of counseling club. I took Life Saving Instructor program and National Swimming Coaching Certificate (Level 1) conducted by Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia. During the program, I trained a group of fire-fighter of district department to obtain “Bronze Medallion” in the Life Saving Course. Besides that, I also took Chef Training Course for about 6 months while waiting for my SPM’s (O-Level equivalent) results.

After completing my HND, I worked as a supervisor in public swimming pool for 3 months. In this job, I was responsible in planning the schedule for lifeguard, instructor’s swimming class and pool’s maintenance. Then, the next 7 months I worked as site supervisor attached with the system control department in a company which specialises in water treatment. My job scopes were to supervise subordinates in projects, liaise with suppliers for job completion and ensure timely deadlines are met.

Once I completed my Degree, I worked as lecturer for about 3 months and promoted to Course Coordinator for Foundation Certificate in Engineering, Science & Technology. In the job, I have to handle administrative and management of course materials, be in-charged of program activities, and liaise with partner university, NTU, on the course quality assurance. Besides that, I conducted lectures in Foundation and Diploma modules. As a personal development, I took up the challenge to co-supervise Degree year 3 projects and produce a few first class students.

With the 32 years of experiences, I believe that life is a series of chapters in a book waiting for me to write. Each chapter also has its values that I have learned and gained like leadership, interpersonal communication skills, knowledge, value of family, and etc. These all are like reflecting my destiny in this earth and guiding me to take up another challenge – further my Master’s degree in Korea and continue to Doctorate level. My dream is to be a good and well known researcher like Isaac Newton who’s tremendously influence the society for 3 centuries in modern engineering. I want to develop something that can contribute to the society and improve humankind welfare.

Last but not least, I like to quote that "Dream will come true if we know what is the thing that matters to use and start to think, behave and act accordingly with passion and sincere heart to what we believe." by Andy Chong

After completed this self-introduction, I feel like to write a short story about myself although I am not famous but at least it will keep for my family, my children (hehehe yet ... in progress wahahaha !!! ), and etc. Since, I believe that life is a series of chapters in a book, thus, why not I start to write it down and share with you and you also can give me more ideas to improve it.... Mind to leave comments for me about this idea.... Very appreciate it....

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