Saturday, August 30, 2008

12th Day...????

Another weekend... What am I suppose to do with these weekend? I think if I'm in Malaysia now, properly having breakfast with my wife... reading newspapers/book... and surfing internet... SLEEPing (a short nap after my breakfast favorite activity)

In Korea, I think almost the same because the things that I will pass my time is with my notebook, internet, reading, and nap on my chair inside the Lab. This morning, I woke up at 7 am and then wash my cloths. This time before I click "Start" button of the washing machine, I check is there any water supply or not... hehehe SCARE like last week (if you don't know what happen to my last week, you can check with this "What a "LUCKY" Day...!!!!").

After waiting for about 50 mins, the cloths was hung at our dorm's roof floor. In actual, the view at our roof floor is quite nice... unfortunately, don't have camera... I'm going to buy one. I really want to share with you all what I seen in Korea.

The canteen opens at 8 am for Saturday (and weekday) but not in Sunday. The food in Korea, I think i'm still quite like it especially their fried chicken. I don't know why...but the taste is very nice. hehehe... The price for the fried chicken + Rice is about Won 3,500 (~ USD 3.50). If not converted, I think is much much cheaper as compare to Malaysia. Malaysia... How are you now?... I heard that you have a lot of problems on politics. When are you going to solve it, so that we, Malaysian, can really have a piece of mind to live in there...

After finished my breakfast, I straight came to the Lab. I can tell you, the crowd in campus for Saturday is almost the same as Malaysia - it is very quiet. Sometime, I'm walking alone... and I will think what i am doing at this hour when in Malaysia. Thus, it starts make me miss everything of my life in Malaysia. Sounds pity, right!!! Anyway, this is life... I won't blaim it, take it as a new challenge for me and make it as one of my life path that I have to walk through it. The most I feel glad is that I still got my WIFE, SHIEN and family support me. Thank you and very appreciate it. I LOVE YOU ALL. Of course.... I MISS MY FRIENDSss... too (Don't worry I won't forget about you all heheheh...)

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