Thursday, August 21, 2008

3rd Day in Korea

Finally... I got the time and sit down writing a short message to all my "FANs" hehehehe.... Currently, I'm sitting down on my table in the lab. The lab members are very helpful and have a good team spirit. The most I like it, the lab is open 24 hours for you and some more you can overnight there. This was what happen I am now.... The first I already overnight in the lab.

The whole journey from the Incheon International Airport (IIA) (Seoul, Korea) to my university - Chonbuk National University (CNU), Jeonju was very smooth. The total time for the journey from KLIA - IIA is about 6.15 hours and IIA - CNU is about 4 hours. The funny thing is that, in the middle of journey from IIA to CNU, the bus stopped at Rest Station and the driver told us to have 10 mins rest before journey resume. But, he spoke in Korean.... OMG!!! I'm not even know what he said and i saw all passengers went down to the shop. For, I scared I miss the bus, so I just quickly went to wash room and the store to get a bottle of drink and returned to the bus. So, I advised you all, Please! Please! Learn the numbers or times vocabs.. so that you know what they are saying....

After the breakfast inside the flight until night then I only have my meal, because when i reach at the University, I have to rush for dormitory registration. Continuously, I met up with my Professor and briefted by him. At that time, the lab just shifted into the new building, thus, we needed to arrange and clean the place. (I will tell you more about our lab in future.) From the morning until 8.30 pm, I only eat my lunch + dinner and also first time eat Korean food and it tasted GOOD although a bit salty. Sorry, I can't remember the name.

The following are the pictures that I took at KLIA before I checked in to the terminal.


Dear.... I love you.
I know you are trying not to cry and just don't want feel bad because of going to KOREA. Thank you being so supportive and consideration.

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