Saturday, August 9, 2008


Another 10 days from now, I will take off to Korea. How is my feeling now? Don't ask me this question, because I myself also don't feel any excited, worried, happy and sad.

My current feeling is blank with zero feeling. I don't have any worrying go to Korea at all although have hurdle in Language, but I'm worrying most now is about my wife, Shien and my family. We stay together almost about 4 years and already used to be doing things together for almost the time.

Now, everything she has to be alone, although we can communicate and sort out the things through video conferencing. Somehow, the feeling is totally difference from where we used to be communicate at side by side. In addition, she has to prepare our wedding on this coming 18th October 2008 alone with the limited budgets. While for me, I just come back early few days before the wedding ceremony and dinner, and then, just attend the whole events with minimum helping hands for her. I totally agree how difficult for her to face this pressure by herself alone. With that, I feel I'm so selfish and helpless although she never think of that.

Her love, consideration, patience and sacrifice, I will never forget and really feel grateful to have her as my wife and long life partner. "Dear, I never regret to be with you until the last breath of mine! I LOVE YOU". As, I know, what can I do for her now is concentrate in my study, and obtain my doctorate and give her a better life to compensate her on what she has sacrifice for me.

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Shien Teo said...

I really miss and loves you so much. I will always at your side no matter where you are. I can't say anything just my eye tear will flowing out whenever i think for you. Study hard and take good care when you in Korea. Loving you always in my heart.