Monday, August 25, 2008

This is My University's LIFE.... ^^

Past one week already... I'm still got how many weeks to go... I'm myself never think of that too, is there anyone can help to count how many weeks for 7 Years?... (5? weeks x 7) . Actually, it is quite long too heheheh...

For these whole week, I think I did a lot exercise - WALKing. Today is the worst one... Morning walked until evening except eat only to do my FOREIGNER IDENTITY CARD (so called here is Alien Registration Card), Medical Checkup, Open Bank Account (for my Prof. to bank in money for me IMPORTANT HEHEHEHE....) and student ID too.

My legs are very pain now... The legs pain, the body tiring, are not the main things... The essential problem here is the language communication problem. With these problem already spend a lot of time to ask help from friend especially Chia. Thank you very much to you. I really have to respect him and feel how much difficulty that his faced which more than me. This is due to he is the only Malaysian came to this University to study and his wife and me is the second batch Malaysian students study in this University.

Last night, my roommate came already and he is from China "Hei Long Chiang" who ancestor is Korean citizen. Happy that he speaks Korean... Can learn a lot from him and get help from him too especially dealing with the University's management stuffs.

I'm going to be busy..... until this Friday because got meeting on this day. I hope still can share something with you all or I should say... I can release my happiness, sadness, pain, boring, loneliness in this blog. GUY!!!.. Tell you that I feel have done a good job where I feel "okay" after wrote whatever I felt in here and share with you all.

The only unfortunate is that I cannot take pictures to share with you all. I will try to get one pictures and upload on my blog and make it more interesting for you instead you fall into sleep half-way reading my grandma's story....heheheh :D Any sponsors here to get one reliable camera for me???? heheheh...

"A successor is NEVER GIVE UP and continuously fight for SURVIVE with the HAPPINESS in the process and eventually achieved the DREAM which matter to him." by Andy Chong

P/S: DARLINg!!!!.... I MISS YOU A LOTSSSSsssss.....

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