Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a "LUCKY" Day...!!!!

What will you do when wash cloth and washing halfway the water supply stop....??? How!... Especially in hostel (dorm) and it was so inconvenient like how i faced this Saturday morning.

Around 8 am, i went to wash my cloth and brush my teeth. So, in the beginning, everything was fine, just put the cloth with soap powder and pressed START. It tooks about 50 mins for washing machine to wash until it dry the cloth.

However, the machine stopped and not moving after 30 mins. The worse thing was all the instruction and labels are in Hangul.. Gosh!!! What I did, just add some more powder in, but still can't work. Then, I tried change washing machine and it still not working. At that time, I wish that someone that i know and can help me to finish out all these things... But... I'm alone.... :(

When I found out there was no water supply for my floor (I'm staying in 4th floor)... it was like... DAMN!! What am I going to do with these undry cloth... Then I tried to search each floor one by one... finally 1st floor got water supply. I quickly brought the cloth and dump into the washing machine to wash. I'm so happy on that time, but it was too short for me... Because after 15 mins, the water supply stopped again and now the whole building of my dorm NO WATER SUPPLY!!!! Luckily, the cloth is clean and just need to dry them up.

I dried the cloth by my hands and then brought up to my room and find a place to hang... I can tell it looked very messy. I hope i can take few pictures and show you how I hung my cloth first time in Korea. HAHAHAHA..... (You know...underwears....jean... cloths...)

I hope you, can remember bring more hanger when you go oversea to study, if you want to wash your cloth after a week. If not please wash every two days... at least when this incident happen to you.. you still can handle it easily.... So, I learn already... Mum! Shien! I will wash it frequently.... heheheh :) I won't be LAZY anymore....

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