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Korean Traditional Culture Experience

Hi! Guysss... I'm back with pictures for you all. Hope you all like it. All these pictures were taken by my friend's camera. However, I'm going to get my new camera Nikon D80. hehhehehe... Yahoo!!! I can take pictures as much as i can and share with you all.

Nikon D80

The city, Jeonju Deokjin has organized Korean Traditional Culture Experience to promote the Korean culture to foreigners. This event opened up to 4 universities's students which located in this town. This town Jeonju is a mecca of Chosun dynasty that to be proud of excellent arts and cultures and Jeonju Hanok village is well known as a city of millenium royal culture and Korean Tourist Organization often recommends Jeonju as one of best tourist places. Darling... when you come.. I will bring there...

This event are going to be 4 days course and will learn all about the culture and arts of korea like Tea ceremony, Wedding ceremony, Han dance, Hanji (paper sheet) manufacturing and etc. The course is conducted every Saturday at Jeonju Hanok village and we will stay there for one night and is free for us. wahahha :D

Jeonju Deokjin Art Hall

The opening ceremony of the events was in this hall and located just near to our University. The guy with colors strip t-shirt is my friend (Chia) from Malaysia too.

Korean Traditional Dance

This was the opening ceremony celebration performance. Do you feel familiar with this dance? Look like Japanese Traditional too, right? But, the only they don't make up like Japanese. They explained that this dance is same as Chinese Traditional dance called "京剧" (I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain it. May be you can ask you grand grand mother.... they should know heheheh).

Playing Drum & Dance

This one, I don't know what they called. Is it modern musical that represent Korea now? I also don't know too... Sorry for that. Anyway, they performed very well especially the lady with pink shirt.

After these two performances, the welcome speech and introducing the event by Chief of Traditional culture development department, then, continuing by Mayor of Jeonju-si (Song Ha-Jin) and Chairperson, Jeonju Municipal Assembly (Choi Chan-Wook).

Chief of Traditional culture development department

Mayor of Jeonju-si (Song Ha-Jin)

Chairperson, Jeonju Municipal Assembly (Choi Chan-Wook)

After the speech, we had 10 minutes break, and we continued our first lecture - Korean Mental and Culture. This lecture was conducted by one of the famous Lecturer in Korea in Koren Culture. His name can be find in the slide shown in picture below. This lecture was mainly share what is culture, the culture differences between Japan, China and Korea, how culture evolution from past decades until now, and what are their visions which have built them well known in the world.

The Professor with the lecture's slides.

The lecture finished around 12 noon, then we were guide to the park - Deokjin Park which just opposite of the hall.

Deokjin Park

View of the Park

Here, we were provided lunch inside this park, and the dish is traditional dish for Korean too, named as Bibmbap. For me, I will tell you, it is same dish which called "Low Sang" that we eat on Chinese New Year. But, the ingredients are totally different, Bibmbap has only vegetables and a few slice of chicken meat.

Korean Traditional Dish - Bibmbap

Don't get scare by this big plate and full of these vegetables. In actual, we can get one person portion Bibmbap in the restaurant. This one was trying o provide about 500 people (including students from 4 Universities in this states) to eat...heheheh :) . As you can see, the white color was the rice and the rest were vegestable and chicken meat. Don't ask me what is the vegestables names.....heheheh I don't know... and I don't have time to know because I just wack the food and it tasted nice wahahahah.....

Mixed All together with the rice.

Before you start to eat, you have to mix all the vegetables with rice then only taste nice as shown above picture. The Bibmbap smell very nice because they put quite a lots of "ma yao" (pronouced in cantonese) - types of oil.

My indonesia's Friends

The Bibmbap that I had

During the mixture section, my Indonesias' friend (doing PhD in Composite Material) and me tried to use the big spoon to mix the Bibmbap.... For FUN!!!! heheheh......... The picture above was the Bibmbap that I had. It is nice... You all got chance, please try it. For whoever don't like vegestable, please go to try it, i think you will just wack the food like me too....because it NICE!!!

Especially DiDi... you should try ya...
Darling.... you don't worry.. I will bring to eat and don't worry, it will not let you fat after eat it heheheheh :P

Please come back to my blogs and my website (, I will bring more pictures when i get my D80 in my blog or website ... (provided i'm not busy with my study hehehe)

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jacA said...

LOL sir it's called "bibimbap" XD
it's like put dish A dish B dish C dish D dish E until dish Z altogether, then do the lou sang~~
sometimes it may look very geli, but still it tastes good :D