Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Wedding Room Decoration

Hi! Hi!... Me again.... I'm trying to upload as much pictures as I can since I'm still "FREE" XD The pictures slides show is showing my wedding room decoration before the day OUR (Andy & Shien) wedding ceremony (18th Oct. 2008).

In the first few slides, the pictures showed our room without decoration. We cannot sleep on the nice bed before our actualy wedding day... Actually, the furniture was bought for about 2 months and putting there without sleeping on it (due to the Chinese Culture). Then, you can see the room was started to decorating by my wife grandparents, her sisters, and my sister too. The cabinet and make up table must fill up all the stuffs as you can see. I can tell you.... I didn't prepare all these things for the decoration since I'm in Korea and all was my wife doing.... I feel grateful to have her who so considering and patient to me to prepare all the wedding stuff. "Dear... You are the BEST... No REGRET to get along with you forever"

There are one jewelry box and two wedding couples dolls which I bought at Korea Incheon International Airport when I was preparing to departure to Malaysia (14th October 2008). These two things nice ler.... But, there were quite expensive and cost me about USD 70 (But, nevermind... because I bought for my wife to decorate her wedding room....). The decoration was taken almost whole days and pretty sure very tiring for them. That day, my job was only taking photos where "molesting" my Nikon D80 camera... hehehehe.... and taking care my lovely Baby Girl (her pictures showed in the previous blog).

By the way.... My wedding room nice or not?.... If not nice.. Keep for yourself and nice please give comments.... hahahaha (just kidding). Anyway, I would like to say thank you to my wife, her family members and my family members who are so supportive and helpful to make OUR (Andy & Shien) wedding so successfully. I will never forget what they have done for me. "THANKs.. and THANKS ... and THANKS!!!!"

"Guys... Remember come back to my blog because I'm going to upload more pictures in these few days."

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