Monday, November 3, 2008


I'm too busy for this coming week and only can rest after 18th November. Just to share with you all and the schedule as follows:

(a) 11th Nov. - "Finite Element Method" Final Exam
(b) 12th Nov. - Lab Meeting (Present Experiment results)
(c) 13th Nov. - LabView Training
(d) 14th Nov. - Conference (at Gwangju, Korea)
(e) 18th Nov. - Paper submission for Prof. checking

I had never face this kind of schedule... superb crazy.... But, It is quite challenging on my time management skills and abilities as I know I never been good in time management hehehehe...

Okay.. see you guys... Good luck to me and wish me good luck too....

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Shien Teo said...

all the best to you.
just spent few min to pray to God.
i always will support you.
i love you so much.