Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Route to My Lab from My Dormitory

Hi Guy... I'm first few slides are my room (quite messy.... what can you expect from guys' room...hehehe) and then the dormitory building and cafeteria. Besides that, I did took new building for the dormitory.... Hope can shift to this new dormitory for the next semester.

Then, I took the route prictures that I use to be walk to my lab, not that far just 15 minutes (but, for me is very far... Some more alone...where is my wife, Shien) Dear... I'm waiting for you to come and walk together with me :P.

In the winter, this route still enjoyable to walk cause of the weather... but now heheheh... is snowing (below 0 degree) and is not enjoyable already. If the wind is not strong, then it still okay...but when the wind blow is fast and strong...hehehhee I think you will have the same feeling as me that we don't like it at all... IT is too cold and the skin feel pain.

Last few slides are my Lab building and my lab. Hope this brief information enough for you all know what are the pictures show about.

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