Friday, January 2, 2009

My Christmas Eve and New Year Eve

This is my first time celebrating Christmas Eve and New Year Eve in Korea (unfortunately not with my wife). The different was only celebrating in the COLD weather (around -3 Degree). In the first photos slides, we were preparing the tools and foods for our BBQ (grill pork, "Sam Gyeok Sa") at outside the building. It was really fun and nice feeling as you were eating hot foods in the cold weather. The funny thing was a cup of oil was freeze (unfortunately, I didn't take the picture) just about 30 mins (I guessed). The two Indians are from India who are Fanny's (Chia's wife) friends in the same Lab, and the other girl is Korean but live in Canada for about 10 years and recently just came back to Korea.

In this New Year eve, we didn't go anywhere because our city is a bit like kampung style same as Kedah state. We just bought few beers and Korean wine, and celebrated inside our lab. In the middle of the slides, we were going out to have some beers again and that time was starting snowing. It was quite fun to take photo (as last I felt it was boring hehehehe) with my camera Nikon D80. But, I'm not really know how to use it yet although it has a lots of functions. When we came back to lab, we were waiting for 2nd countdown through the notebook (online TV) which were showing Taiwan countdown event. After countdown, we taught our lab member (Chang Yong) how to play "Tai Di" hehehe. We just took about 30 minutes and he knew how to play (a smart guy)... He is really good hahhaa... Now, at least, we have another 'Kaki' to play Tai Di with us.

By the way, the table that we put the drinks and foods, is cost about USD7000. It is the most expensive table I never see before hahaha... (The table is for laser experiment)

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