Friday, February 13, 2009

To my Wife - Happy Valentine's Day

"Happy Ever Couple"

Happy Valentine's Day
It is a memorable day for my wife, Shien and me because it was our first date for us and we had a "formal" lunch at western restaurant, Port Klang (hehehe sorry.. I can't remember the actual restaurant name) where located somewhere near to the port to Pulau Ketam. It is still vivid for me to remember that I was "snake" out from the work (sorry boss.... XD) and date my wife with traveling distance of 40 Km (~45 mins.) from Petaling Jaya. This is worth for me to take that risk (although not that big deal for my boss) to have lunch with my wife by spending the precious time close to 3 hours. If that... I won't be so lucky to have her as a girlfriend and wife now. No regret as I don't feel regret to have you as my wife.

But, after we are in relationship, we were barely (or I should say don't have at all) go out to celebrate this Valentine's day as what we think that too expensive for us to spend for the past few years. We just stayed at home and spent precious time to each others. And now more worst, we are apart to each other for so far, one in Korea and the other in Malaysia. Is it sound very sad and feel sympathy for our relationship?... However, I think this is worth to experience this so call "suffer", if not we won't know how to appreciate the eternity love that unselfishlesss given out to each others.

With endless appreciation, I like to thank to my wife, Shien who is never stop pooling the love in our relationship, for supporting me to pursuing my goal in Korea although it is so difficult especially for her. Her love is never end and is continuously given out because she believes I'm the right guy for her everythings.

Dear, I Love You and Thank You for trusting me and your love, and what I can do now is to make sure I achieve my goal and as return to make your life and our life better in future. Happy Valentine's Day to you, my wife, Shien. Dear, I always remember "without you, without today of me".... (Of course, this also must credit to my family and my wife's family). Although, we have never celebrate Valentine's day for the past few years.. and I want to date you in advance for next Valetine's Day, 2010 in Korea. Can I? hehehehe :D


Shien Teo said...

Thanks for the wonderful message & I'm so touch of it. I love you so much. Happy Valentine Day....

klang_ppl said...

I know the name of the restaurant.
Its called as D' Tavern.