Friday, April 17, 2009

My 2nd Conference: KSAS Spring Conference 2009 April 17

Hi guys... These pictures were taken yesterday where I'm attending for my 2nd conference. We stayed in HanHaw Resort and located in the Gangwon-do, Korea, where the place for people visit to snowing in the winter time. Unfortunately, we are almost in the end of the spring. The title for my presentation is "A strain-free nonresonant FBG acousto-ultrasonic sensor with temperature compensation feedback control". Okay lah.... let you see the pictures that i shared out...


jacA said...

Sir you look pro in all the pics!
but i wonder hor
are the saloons in korea very expensive? D:
sir, you & Mr Chia seem to be keeping your hair long >D

Andy said...

Thank you. The normal saloons here is not expensive and is about 6000 won (for guys) and 7000 won (for girls). After conversion, it is about RM 24 ringgit. ^^ Besides that, it is not we want to keep the hair long, and it is because we don't know how to tell what hair style we want and then they will cut the style that we don't want. So, it just keep it long..... hehehhe Anyway, we just went to cut the hair last two weeks ago.