Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Two Years

Time passes very fast!!! It was already two years, and I successfully completed my Master of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering. In here, I feel grateful to have my wife where she has been so consideration and supportive along these years.

During these two years in South Korea, I have learnt and experienced the things that have enhanced my personal skills to be better man. In addition, with this qualification, it allows me to further my PhD. Although it will take me another 3 to 4 years to complete it, but I still feel it is worth for all these.

In these two years, my history achievements are as follows:
(a) International Journal Papers
  1. S Y Chong, J R Lee, A Review of Health and Operation Monitoring Techniques for Trains, Smart Structures and Systems, An international Journal, Accepted, July, 2010
  2. J R Lee, S Y Chong, C Y Yun, D J Lee, A lasing wavelength stabilized simultaneous multipoint acoustic sensing system using pressure-coupled fiber Bragg gratings, Accepted, July, 2010
  3. Design of Copper/Carbon-Coated Fiber Bragg Grating Acoustic Sensor Net for Integrated Health Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plant, submitted, June, 2010.

(b) International Conference Paper
  1. J R Lee, S Y Chong, C Y Yun, H Sohn, Design of fiber Bragg grating acoustic sensor for structural health monitoring of nuclear power plant, proc. of the 3rd International Conference on Multi-Functional Materials and Structures(Advanced Materials Research Vol.123-125,pp 859-862), Jeonju, Korea, Sep 14-18, 2010
(c) Domestic (Korean) Conference Paper
  1. 이정률, C C Chia, S Y Chong, 정효미, 레이저초음파 기술을 이용한 항공기 구조건전성관리, 제 1회 항공우주학회 구조역학 및 응용 부분위원회 워크샵, pp. 209-228; (Aircraft Structural Integrity Management Using Laser Ultrasound Technology, The 1st part of Aerospace Structural Mechanics and Applications Conference)
  2. S Y Chong, D J Lee, J R Lee, A strain-free nonresonant fiber Bragg grating acousto-ultrasonic sensor with temperature compensation feedback control, Journal of the Korean Society for Aeronautical & Space Sciences(KSAS), Proceeding of the 2009' KSAS Spring Conference pp.207-210. 2009.April
  3. S Y Chong, J R Lee, J S Kim, H J Yoon, Structural health monitoring for Trains: A review of damage detection methods, 2008 Autum conference of Korean Society for Railway, pp. 1545-1561, Nov 2008
(d) Patent
  1. 이정률, 정시옌 (S Y Chong). 레이저 파장 안정화 다점 동시 광섬유브래그격자 음향초음파 센싱 시스템, KR Patent 10-2010-0005824, 2010.01.21; (Stabilized Laser Wavelength Simultaneous Multipoint Fiber Bragg Grating Acousto-ultrasonic Sensing System)
With these achievements, It has given me courage to further my study in Ph.D. With the supportive wife and the god bless, I wish I can complete my PhD within these 3 years.


shien said...

I always there for you.
No matter how hard time that we face each day. I believe that God is our guidance of life. I really love you and appreciated with all the wonderful moment together that you given to me.

Chirawat Na-ngam said...

I have come to your block by chance when I really interesting about Labview right now. I have to read your tutorials about state machine, I really like and it very useful for me.

After that, I have read many things about you in this block that make me smile and amazing with your ability with your programing skill and english skill.