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Visual C# Controls Tutorial - ComboBoxes


Creating Multiple Forms in C#.NET

There aren't many programmes that have only one form. Most programmes have other forms that are accessible from the main one that loads at start up. In this section, you'll learn how to create programmes with more than one form in C#.NET . The programme we'll create is very simple one. It will have a main form with a text box and a button. When the button is clicked, it will launch a second form. On the second form, we'll allow a user to change the case of the text in the text box on form one. Here's what form one looks like: Design the above form. Set the Name property of the text box to txtChangeCase . For the Text property, add some default text, but all in lowercase letters. Set the Name property of the button to btnFormTwo . Adding a new form to the project is easy. Click Project from the menu bar at the top of the Visual C# software. From the Project menu, select Add New Windows Form . You'll see the Add New Item dialogue box appear. Make

Split Container Control in C#

What is Split Container control in C# ? Split Container control provides functionality of a splitter to divide and resize two controls.You can place it at form horizontally or vertically by specifiying Orientation property each represents left/top and right/bottom panels respectively. Useful properties: AutoScroll:  This property when set to true, allows scroll bars to be displayed. BackColor:  The background color of the SplitContainer is defaulted to System.Drawing.SystemColors.Control, but this can be set to any color you like. The whole of the SplitContainer changes color, however, each Panel can have its own background color. BackgroundImage : Instead of a single color, an image can be displayed as the background. The image only appears in the splitter bar. BorderStyle:  This property determines if the panel is outlined with no visible border (None), a plain line (FixedSingle), or a shadowed line (Fixed3D). Dock:  Determines which SplitContainer borders are attac